Cleanse me

Whenever I try to get healthy I always give up too soon. I’m full of excuses. I’ve been bound by my family and friend’s food choices. Everyone around me eats unhealthy –I follow suit. To be quite frank the biggest motivating factor for me is yeast infection prevention. They’re icky and inconvenient. So, I thought, there’s gotta be a way to keep them away. After a google search I found the candida diet website. They introduce a way of eating that wards off infections of all type. After many other searches I found that the alkaline diet helps restore our bodies to a healthy pH level and gives us energy and vitality. All of this sounds good right? The only hangup is that the alkaline diet is mostly a vegan diet, and gluten-free. I am the biggest carbohydrate whore. I love gold fish, salt and vinegar potato chips and bread. It’s going to be tough for me to stop all of that but I’m taking it one veggie at a time.

I envision that this cleanse will be tough. No doubt. Especially when at work all my coworkers are ordering Chinese food for lunch. But I just have to put up my mental blockers if I want a successful cleanse. Now, some people may say… you’re skinny, you shouldn’t be dieting. Well, my diet is severely poor. Lately I found myself visitng Mc Donalds too much and not eating nearly enough veggies. Even though my size has remained petite my insides probably look like death. And a cleanse is good for everyone to do every couple of months to give your insides a shower.

Here’s the rules of my candida cleanse (click here for the official webpage)

-eat only raw foods – salads and steamed vegetables

-buy organic if possible. In my case I didn’t buy everything organic but I did get a fruit and veggie wash to clean off all the icky chemicals and dirt

-drink a liver flush every evening
Liver flush recipe: 1 cup water, 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, 1 clove garlic, small chunk of fresh ginger

– drink a detox juice twice a day on an empty stomach
detox juice recipe: 1 cup water, 1 tbsp. fiber supplement, 1 tbsp bentonite clay

-I will continue to take my vitamin supplements as usual

Today is my first day. I timed this cleanse so that I will be able to eat real food again by Thanksgiving. My cousin is making cornish hens. I’m not sure if I will adopt the 100% vegan/raw food diet but it is looking more and more appealing to me. After this cleanse I will follow the candida diet which does include meats, just no pork, which is fine by me. I want to eat to live. I want to be free of sickness and lethargy. I want my insides to feel as excellent as possible. I just drank my first dose of detox juice and it wasn’t bad at all. I’ll keep updating on my journey! Wish me success.

xo Sonique



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