Black Friday

This Thanksgiving I was super excited about the food because I decided to go on a five day cleanse right before the holiday (see drinking only water and eating raw food for five days) It was a rough long road but when I finally ate, I had a new appreciation for simple things like chicken and sweet potatoes! My new diet does begin soon but for now I’m going to relish in the leftovers. After stuffing my face I intended to brave the black Friday crowds, but things didn’t exactly go down that way. I drank rum and fell asleep. Lucky for me a lot of websites are offering black friday deals online. 🙂 Here’s some of the ones from my favorite stores. 50% off select items – there’s a ton of items to choose from. Silk trousers, denim jackets, cutesy ballerina flats 40% off the entire site! 25% off shoes 15% off and free shipping on all orders entire store up to 60% off and $19 sweaters men and women can you say $15 jeans for women extra 20% off anything; tons of clearance items extra 50% off sale and $10 specials on jeans

Melody Ehsani 30% off everything

H&M Sweaters and Dresses from $5, Pants from $10 & Outerwear $15


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