Why You Should Get Rid of Your Facebook for Good

Two days ago I freed myself from my Facebook page after a 7 year relationship. It feels amazing. Back in college I would only dare deactivate my Facebook during finals and midterms time. BUt now the 23 year old me has walked away and I am not looking back. Here’s some of the objections to getting rid of your Facebook and how I overcome them.

  • Your friends will miss you/how will people find you: If they are my real friends they will know how to reach me. via phone or in person. They know where I stay. If my only means of communicating with my friends was through Facebook I would probably say that I don’t have any friends and I should go outside more.
  • The privacy settings have been updated, you can hide virtually everything: Oh really? I don’t believe that for one second. Once you put something on the internet, Facebook will always have access to that piece of information. Employers can still find your supposedly hidden Facebook page that you created under an alias.
  • You need to stay relevant: Relevant? That’s what the news is for. If it is real news I’m sure it will show up on CNN or one of my favorite news websites. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who is sick of receiving those shared photos from friends, full of memes and e-cards. Yeah, thanks but no thanks.
  • I’m so used to having it: And that is a problem in and of itself. Sometimes it’s good to break habits. It makes you think about why you’re doing them in the first place. Imagine if you used those minutes…sometimes hours spent on Facebook doing something more productive. Free yourself from your Facebook addiction.

xo Sonique


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