5 Year Sketch


5 year sketch

According to the Law of Attraction you must first visualize your success if you want it to materialize. Below is a five year sketch. It’s essentially an interview with myself five years from now. I was inspired to conduct this 5 year sketch by an article “Interview Yourself to Help Define Your Goals.”
What will your job be like? I am a copywriter or a copy editor. I will work for a diverse thriving company. I will have a position that allows me to be independent. I will have opportunties for promotion. I will make a decent living doing what I like. I will be able to work from home and my job will encourage me to travel. I will be a mentor and a leader.

What will my family be like? I will have my brothers and my dad. We are all older. I see us being close, going on trips, having holidays at my house. If I am married, I see all of this with a husband or fiance.

Physical appearance. My hair is APL and still natural. I am the same height and weight. Lord willing my skin will be in the same condition. I’d like for my arms to be more toned. I will be stylish and well kept yet quirky. I will wear jeans and oxford shirts, oversized sweaters with leggings and mocassins. hi low skirts with chiffon. jordans and maxi dresses. Leather, nylon, mini skirts. playful, innovative and genteel when necessary.

Home: Spacious, cozy, and clean apartment. Big windows, natural light. White bedroom. Comfy couches and chairs. Book shelves filled with books. Nice kitchen. Frequent visitors, open door policy. I will cook on Sundays and eat leftovers all week. And healthy takeout when I don’t feel like cooking.

Typical day: Wake up. listen to music. eat breakfast. shower. get ready for work. work. After work, hitting the boxing gym or zumba class. meeting up with friends/s.o. for dinner. going home reading and writing. working on projects, building my business.

Looking forward to: going on vacation to Fiji, Tahiti, India and China. Going to work the next day. Building my company. Getting married one day. Being of greater service.

Social circle. influential beautiful positive people. friends all over the country. many not so close friends and a small inner circle. people who are stylish, active, and motivated. successful in their lifes.

So there it is. My rough five year sketch. What’s yours?

xo So


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