Arrivederci 2012

Goodbye 2012. It’s been really real. This year has been quite a roller coaster. Early 2012 I was fired from a job that made me miserable. My car was totaled. I was pulled over 4 times (zero tickets) I lost my mother. I lost another job. Each of these seemingly tragic events have taught me valuable lessons. *Sometimes you have to put aside your own person for the greater good of your job* *Take care of my car* *Do not text while driving* *Do not tailgate* *Do not take people for granted* *Life is short* *Spread love* *Some jobs are not a good fit, know when it is time to go, and plan accordingly* And moreover be strong when everything is going wrong. 

Some pretty great things have happened this year as well. I worked three different jobs. I met some really great people. I was able to learn about photography and deepen my yoga practice. I entered into a loving adult relationship. I strengthened bonds with some older friends and relatives. I officially became a godmother. Dropped some bad habits. I went to over a half dozen concerts. I learned a lot about myself and God.

Everything seems to happen at the right time, it seems as though I’m growing up. I don’t exactly have New Years resolutions because I come up with new short-term goals everyday. This New Year I am striving for a few important long term goals

  • Simplicity – avoiding excess
  • Better money management – money skills
  • Mind control – gaining control over my mind and living in the present

What did you learn this year? What do you really want to do next year?

xo So


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