Negative people are like a sickness. You catch them from bacteria, unknowingly. Before you know it they are affecting your daily routine. Making you tired, irritable, and just down in the dumps. Negative people thrive on the growth of their lesion. They are looking to build an army of negativity and blacken any ounce of sunshine in their midst.

Some people revert to negativity when they aren’t feeling good about themselves. We’re all guilty of it every once in a while, but persistent negativity must be stopped. One way that I draw myself out of negative thought patterns is to bring myself to the present. Does that matter now? Right now? Where am I now? Right now?

Either way negativity is draining and it hurts relationships, families, work place relationships, and your own self esteem. If for nothing else, do it for yourself.

What are some of the ways you stay positive and drive away negativity?


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