Law of Attraction Part 1

“What you constantly FEEL and THINK about, and consistently focus on, you attract into your life.”

– Dr. David Che, Total Law of Attraction

A steadfast rule to getting what you want. I feel like I deserve a new pair of shoes. I constantly think about how good the shoes will look on my feet. Everyday I look at them. A few weeks later I see an advertisement for a shoe sale and I cop them in my size. Now, if it can work for something as small as a pair of shoes, it can work for all of our life’s goals. Everyone knows about the cliche, “failing to plan is planning to fail,” and “believe in yourself” All of these are true. But how many people actually commit to planning and believing on a daily basis?

Upon reading The Total Law of Attraction I committed to planning and believing –something I had not done before… consciously. Everyday twice a day I participate in Major Manifestation Sessions. They are very simple, for 5-10 minutes I visualize myself having what it is that I want. It’s as though I’m watching myself in a movie. I can create every last detail of the moment, the more detailed the better. The key is to add strong emotion and to visualize the end point. Don’t worry about how you will get there just yet.

This type of thinking resonates with already positive people. You have to believe in the Law of Attraction for it to work in your favor. The thing is some people sit back and wonder why they aren’t getting what they want. Why their lives are not going anywhere despite all of their attempts. I’d say to those people try the law of attraction practice and fully believe in it. After all, what harm can it do?

My life has not instantly improved since reading this book, but I do have a stronger sense of determination and focus. So, if you haven’t already try it out. Try to manifest something and make a vision board. Let’s do this together.

xo So


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