Outsiders Looking In…

That is all that anyone will ever be. What inspired this thought? Criticism from outsiders. Doesn’t it feel amazing when someone praises us? But we all know the sting of harsh words from others. Sometimes, depending on the messenger, we believe the good but we dwell on the not so good. But honestly, those opinions are just that. They are judgements that others have made based on external qualities.

This audience that we all have, will always have something to say. I see it all the time on Twitter. The audience gets a bit more intimate as well. It can be people who are in our families and people we call friends. But what do their words mean? Others don’t think as much as they should about what their words mean, so I’ll let you know… absolutely nothing. (Unless they are your supervisor or something contractual)

Outsiders looking in is everyone, but yourself. No one can tell you anything about yourself that you do not already know. Good people can remind you, but it is nothing new to you. Perhaps you forgot how great of a friend you are, a good friend can help you to remember that. But they cannot teach you or make you believe the reasons why you are great. That comes from within. An outsider looking in has to work with information that you have given them, or in some cases they create stories.

My challenge is to not give too much thought about what outsiders have to say about me, my relationships, my decisions. I am me. I am a work in progress.

xo Solabels


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