Girls is Back for Season 2

I have this weird habit of only getting into shows that are on HBO. I guess that makes me a cable elitist. The only new shows that have premiered in recent years that have grabbed my attention have been How to Make it in America and Girls. Perhaps because they’re both based in New York, feature 20 somethings, and have amazingly relatable characters. Maybe because I cling to anything that reminds me of Sex and the City.

If I were on How to Make it, I’d definitely be Ben Epstein. And if I were on girls I’d be Marnie. Seemingly uptight, preoccupied, and serious. That’s pretty much what I’d look like on tv if I were a white girl. Jessa is my alter ego that only my very close friends get to see glimpses of.

Either way season 2 premiers this Sunday January 13, 9pm. But a serious question, where is season 3 of How to Make It? I need more.



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