Brooklyn VMAs 2013

Sunday August 25 I was blessed with an opportunity to attend the MTV VMAs. Unfortunately, I only scored one ticket so it was a solo dolo trip that ended up being quite an adventure. I arrived around 4:30 to wait in line to be escorted to the venue. I was on my feet from 4:30 to 12:30. I’m always in the go, always rushing so this waiting business was killing me softly. I’m embarrassed to admit but I fainted in line. Luckily the universe was in support of me so I was saved by this young lady that I met in line (turns out lots of ppl went to the vmas alone because fans were only able to reserve one ticket) if it wasn’t for her I don’t know what would have become of me. Once I was in an air conditioned environment I felt 100% better. The actual VMAs themselves… Hmmm. This year was definitely interesting. My favorite performance was Justin Timberlake’s. He really puts on a show and goes hard. Everything he puts his voice on is epic. The dancing was on point and the NSYNC reunion had me gushing like a preteen. One thing I will say is that everything looks different on tv. Overall it was a great night. Going alone forced me to get out of my comfy zone. Now I’m committing to resting up, staying hydrated and looking for more free cool events to attend. Check out to find out how you can.









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