Solo Travel

MiaMor of youtube has reignited my desire to take this international trip alone. As an introvert I do a lot of things by myself and I really don’t mind them. For instance, I love going shopping by myself. I’m not influenced by others to buy or not buy something. I have the freedom to spend 90 seconds in a store or to spend 90 minutes. There’s something very liberating about doing things by yourself. Well, this year I want to go to Paris and Milan. I have never left the country. When I tell people that I am thinking of going by myself they warn against it. But honestly, if I wait around for one of my friends to have the time and money to go to Paris and Milan– I might never go. I have a hard enough time getting people to commit on a trip to NYC, and that is only 90 minutes from me. If I want to travel to the places I want to go, I am going to have to do it alone (as with many other things in life).

I know that the journey will be lonely at times. But honestly, I am looking forward to that. I know a bit of French from high school and I am learning Italian with the Duolingo app. In Paris I want to see all of the touristy attractions like the Louvre, Versailles and Tour d’Eiffel. But I also want to learn about their African history. It’d be nice to take a cooking class also. I haven’t really thought out everything that I’d like to do but I’m sure I’ll find things. And as far as Milan, I have no idea what I want to do there. My decision to go their is simply based off of inspiration from a dream that I had about my late mother. She said to me in the dream that one of the places she’s always wanted to go was Milan. I feel like there is something special there waiting for me. Call me a crazy dream chasing lady but my dad also had a dream about me going to Europe to model. Not saying that is exactly what is going to happen for me in Milan but I am eager to find out. And of course, since she never went, my journey to Milan will be for her.

Its important for me to remember that all of the great and fulfilling things in my life happened because I made a decision and I stuck with it all on my own. If you’ve traveled by yourself your advice is welcome!

xo So




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