Being Mary Jane Season 3 Premier


What can I say? I don’t watch much tv but Being Mary Jane, BMJ is one of those that I never miss. It’s the best thing on BET. What I love about this show is that I am able to see myself in protagonist Mary Jane Paul. Last night’s two part premier started with a quote from T.D. Jakes

“Resist your fear; fear will never lead you to a positive end “

What is Mary Jane afraid of? Being alone – the dissolution of her friendship with Lisa and messy romance with David. She’s been afraid of losing her job for quite some time now, and now that her face is wrecked from an accident that fear is manifesting. She’s being replaced by a new Latina anchor. I fear these same exact things. It sucks not having anyone to call with good news, or even bad news. And losing my job? The stress can be crippling especially since my job is high pressure. These quotes set the frame for the episode and also force us to reflect on our own lives. I usually pause the DVR so I can write them down.

This season we’re introduced to a 40 something, poor, intelligent lesbian named Celia. She is the other party involved in the accident. Celia finds out that Mary Jane was drunk driving and now she’s blackmailing her. Celia wants money and sees this moment as her blessing from God. They arrange a payment plan so that Celia can get 25,000 to keep quiet about MJ’s lapse in judgment. (we all know how much MJ drank last season, something like this was bound to happen) Celia’s character is played by Loretta Divine. I’m interested in seeing how this story line plays out.

I was very happy that this episode featured PJ, MJ’s 28 year old brother. They have a heart to heart where he calls David a “bitchmade” “silver spoon brother.” Not every man is cut out to deal with a complicated difficult woman. In the middle of the night seemingly MJ’s older brother brings Lisa to her house and MJ reads her for filth. She presents a steady focused diatribe about how Lisa is depressed and can’t have her own life but, also she dislikes Lisa because Lisa’s depression makes her think about herself. Is she unhappy is she depressed too? MJ says that she loves Lisa all while reading her.

The second half of the premier started with a quote from James Baldwin

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

It picks up off of the first episode’s quote about conquering our fears. No matter how many times we read quotes and even entire books we still tend to follow the same patterns. Comfortable with the status quo even though it is something that we do not want. I know that I am starting to feel un-comfortable with my status quo (yesterday’s post) I am now at the point where I have to stand up and make some real changes. MJ also has to make these changes. After a verbal spar with Celia Mary Jane decides that she isn’t going to sit back and let the new girl take her job. This argument also had a Bring it On reference! My 13 year old self squealed. After the showdown MJ puts on an orange power dress, leopard print red bottoms and struts into a production meeting for Primetime – uninvited. I’m interested in seeing how this plays out as well. At least she tried, right? Watching MJ deal with her issues on screen is inspiring and deep. More synopses and brief reflections to come this season 🙂


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