One month ago there was nothing that could get in between me and a good chicken breast. Hell, a little over a week ago I enjoyed a Chick Fil-A sandwich. (But only because my dad purchased it for me and I haven’t had one in about 15 years) But no, not anymore. I’ve been trying on this [vegetarian] lifestyle for about a week and a half since I broke my juice fast. This evening I tried to eat a very nice looking chicken breast and I could taste the animal’s blood. The flavors didn’t do anything for me. I wanted to spit it out. I took two bites then put it away. So yeah, I guess no meat for me. For a long time at least.

Something just clicked in me. I’ve been fine without meat. I have energy to workout and I’ve put on lean muscle mass as a result. Many people have the notion that you become emaciated if you stop eating meat. That’s completely false – I know some thick vegetarians. Like many people I grew up thinking that a meal was not complete unless there was an animal on the plate. I’m learning to create tons of meals that are satisfying and flavorful. I’ve been eating lots of quinoa, lentils, peppers, kale, cauliflower, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and tofu.

Thanksgiving is going to be interesting. (I’ll be sure to make plenty of meatless side dishes) I haven’t told anyone that I’m vegetarian because I don’t want to be policed. When I was younger one of my teachers was a self-proclaimed vegetarian –then one day we had a soul food luncheon and he was eating ribs! The deceit. I don’t want to put a label on what I am doing. Just know that what I’m doing is right for me. I’m making a shift from eating to satisfy my hunger –to eating to satisfy my body’s nutritional needs. It’s funny how some of the most positive changes get the most negative criticism. People feel threatened by changes that will have no impact on them –if anything a positive impact. More bacon, turkey and chicken breastesses for you.


xo So ❤