Just keep running

Now, this post doesn’t really have much to do with running. Well, other than the astonishing fact that yesterday I broke my 1 mile personal record. Now don’t laugh at me serious runners but my mile time is now down to a respectable 7.43 min mile. My army brother who runs for 5 miles with 70 lbs on his back thinks I’m a lazy runner. I’ve always been a lazy runner. Hmm… maybe analogous to my life -but I’m not here to shame myself, that’s not what this is about. In high school I was on the Cross Country team. No lie, every meet I was in last place. But I was one of the fastest sprinters and hurdlers on the track team. I’m good in the short term –I like to get things done quickly. But the long races, they always served to be an intense mental and physical trial for me. Now at almost a quarter century of age I realize that I’ve been living my life that same way.

Threes tend to live life for today and not worry about tomorrow. They have a hard time taking responsibilities seriously, and probably aren’t very good with money, partly because they feel so positive about life they figure everything will work itself out fine. This can sometimes lead those with a Life Path of 3 to live superficially, have a lack of direction in their life, and procrastinate. (From seventhlifepath.com)

Leave it to me to blame it on the stars and numerology –but my life path number is 3. I have issues making plans and goals for the long term. I am focused on instant gratification, therefore it may be hard for me to accumulate real wealth because I’m such a butterfly. Damn you stars! I’m looking to achieve a balance between short term goals and long term goal planning. I’m so good at setting and achieving short term goals.

Stringing together these short term goals has been my project this year. I made it a point to do more of what I want to do. I’ve had a great year so far: filled with excursions, tremendous spiritual growth, fulfilling relationships, a great opportunity to work at NYFW, 2 runway shows and a model competition and my first full-time job with benefits. I’m still running and I’m running fast, some of my friends have a hard time keeping up with me. But I’m running towards threads that are weaving together to create the life that I want. I’m not against being a 3. I actually enjoy it, it keeps my life exciting. I feel so positive about my future. I know that all of my needs will be met and I don’t fear that I’ll never get where I want to be because I am moving. As long as I focus on the present the rest of my life will fall in line. I’m gonna keep focusing on my life one mile at a time, getting better each and every day.

-xo So


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